• After Kristalina Georgieva - another Bulgarian with European recognition!

     Станимира Хаджимитова

    It is our pleasure to inform all our partners that the Board Chair of the Bulgarian Fund for Women Stanimira Hadjimitova has been selected among more than 100 nominations to be portrayed in the Calendar 2011 “Women Inspiring Europe” of the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE).

    EIGE’s aim is to make visible some outstanding European women and their achievements as a source of inspiration for others.

  • Силните лидери от нежния пол

    Станимира Хаджимитова, Джендър проект в България, и Валентина Диканска, Съвет на жените в бизнеса, Бизнес старт, 08.03.2017