Board of Trustees

Nikolay Tomov

Prof. Katya Vladimirova

Tanja Chavdarova

Petar Volgin



Stanimira Hadgimitova - Director and founder of the foundation

Motto: "Strong person is not afraid of unification but seeks and creates it"

Stanimira Hadgimitova Stanimira Hadgimitova is a M.Sc. - Electrical Engineer in Automatization of Continuous Production. She also specialized in international economic relations. Her long experience in foreign trade and export of machinery and agricultural products as well as in entrepreneurship has prepared her for a leader and gave her the opportunity to establish many national and international contacts. In her opinion, her work devoted to the idea of strengthening women's role in public and political life of Bulgaria is only a natural period of the personal development of a successful woman who has proved her abilities. She has been a National NGO Focal Point of the Stability Pact Gender Task Force since 1999 and under her management many projects have been successfully implemented, and the Equality Coalition in Bulgaria was created, uniting representatives of institutions, NGOs, the media and political parties. Member of the Committee on Civil Society Issues with the 39-th Parliament and a advisor for the Global Fund for Women - USA. She is also a member of the LIONS Club Sofia - Sredetz. She participated in the Fourth World Conference on Women, 1995, Beijing as well as in the NGO Working Session and ECE Regional Preparatory Meeting on the Review of the implementation of the Beijing PfA, Geneva, Jan. 2000 an at the NY PrepCom, March, 2000. She has completed the following trainings: gender analyses and gender mainstreaming, gender budgeting, incorporation of the gender approach in preventing and resolving conflicts. Her favorite issue: raising women's role and in decision-making and politics.


Denitsa Abadjieva

Has a Bachelor degree in British and American Studies. She’s interested in gender policy, achieving real gender equality especially in regard to ethnic minorities. She likes the opportunity to include the issues of environmental protection and sustainable development in her work. Presently, Denitsa is working on the project “Getting to Know! Pilot Introduction of Development Education in the Formal Education System in Bulgaria”.

Temenujka Pankova - Chief Accountant

"If gender democracy can not be achieved by means of money then it could be achieved by means of much money."

President of the accounting company NIK-Pankova for consultations on taxation, accounting, legislation and security, and leadership training in economic and legal issues. Chief accountant of many years, financial manager and member of the board of directors of Machinoexport AD. She is performing the inner audit in GPF.


Diana Kovandjieva- accountant

Диана Кованджиева

Education: Mathematics at the St. Kliment Ochridski University of Sofia. Diana has been working for the Foundation since 2002. In addition to accounting she administrates the foundation activities. Her experience in project budgeting and accountability is crucial for the smooth work of GPF.










Petya Yankova

Radost Karamihleva

Zvezditsa Georgieva

Tsveta Stoeva