The Bill on Prevention against Discrimination came into force as of 1 January 2004 and this fact was a serious ground to accelerate all activities aiming at its implementation.

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    Project "Advocacy for Gender Sensitive Budgeting", financed by Mama Cash - the Netherlands

    The first gender budgeting initiative was held in Bulgaria in 2005. The main goal was to start the process of transforming the national/local budgets in the country in order to become tools for achieving real gender equality. For the purpose a BGBG (Bulgarian Gender Budgeting Group) was formed. The members of BGBG were: Katia Vladimirova- Professor in Economics in the University for National and World Economy in Sofia; Jovka Bankova - an Assistant in the University for National and World Economy in Sofia; Lilia Abadjieva - Chief Expert in the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy; Veselka Donkova and Evgenia Chapanova - experts in the Ministry of Finance; Genoveva Tisheva and Iliana Stoycheva from Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation; Ani Lyapcheva from Women's Alliance for Development and Stanimira Hadjimitova from Gender Project for Bulgaria Foundation. (More...)

    First Gender Budgeting Innitiative in Bulgaria - report


    Women Can Do It - III Project

    The project is a logical continuation of the activities of Gender Task Force to Stability Pact in raising women's role for forming local policy, representative participation in governance and leading public positions. This is a regional project, which had been implemented in 12 countries/territories of the Stability Pact: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, FYROM, Hungary, Kosovo/a, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, donated by the Norwegian Foreign ministry. (More...)