The Gender Project for Bulgaria Foundation being working on the gender equality issue, pays a special attention to the ethnic minorities' problems and in particular to women.

People are the Wealth of Bulgaria - the minority integration program of the government, in which a very important place of the NGOs role is assigned in this process.

Within The Domestic Violence in Bulgaria project and during the 16 International Days against Violence against Women in 2001, seminars with Roma women in the towns of Vratsa and Oryahovo have been conducted on the topics: domestic violence, myths and realities, the results from the socio-logical research on domestic violence, specificity with ethnic groups and the draft law on Protection against Domestic Violence. The seminar participants were shown Unspoken Silence - a documentary about domestic violence in the Roma, Turkish and Moslem communities.

Within Women Can Do It-II project implemented in 2002 a seminar with women of Turkish ethnicity, members of the political party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and its leadership was conducted to analyze the women's place in the party leadership, to encourage women to participate more actively in public and political life and increase the number of women in the Parliament and the local authorities.

Such a seminar was conducted with the youth group in MRF on the problems of the young people, their access to the party leadership and education for acquiring political skills, and their future in political life.

A public debate was carried out within the (NDI - National Democratic Institute) campaign You Choose in 2003 at the town of Pernik on the eve of the local elections on the Roma community problems in the town. The Roma community women and men, and young people identified their problems. The main problems were stated in letters to pre-election headquarters of the nominees running for the town mayor. Around 200 Roma people were present and 12 candidates for Mayor took part in the debate. The aim was that Roma people would meet the nominees and the nominees would present their platforms and answer the Roma people questions about how their needs would be satisfied.

In 2003 Gender Project for Bulgaria Foundation re-granted five small projects on women's poverty and unemployment. Two of these projects were implemented in two small villages with dense Roma population. The selected women's group - mainly Roma women - underwent courses for tailoring and hairdressing and hired after the course.

The main results for empowering Roma women has been achieved by the national project Roma Women Can Do It - part of the regional project of the Stability Pact Gender Task Force. During the conduction of 7 seminars, 130 educated Roma women and girls from 17 towns and 3 villages were trained in political skills. The trainers themselves were of Roma origin.