Program goals:

  • research of the media and advertising communication impact on gender relations in Bulgarian society;
  • identification and analysis of the main gender stereotypes in media and advertising;
  • overcoming gender prejudices in creating media image of women and men;
  • promoting the process of democratic fostering of media as institutions to raise their sensitiveness, level of information and key role in covering gender issues and women's rights as human rights;
  • promoting gender democracy conception in public space.

The program aims at:

  • national and regional media journalists;
  • institutions and political structures PR officers;
  • media and advertising experts;
  • teachers and students from Journalism and Mass Communications Faculty and Advertising.

Good practices and activities:

  • maintaining permanent contacts with media institutions at national and regional level;
  • media campaigns within the international annual campaign 16 Days against Violence against Women, the national campaign For Equal Opportunities of Women and Men and the regional initiatives of the Stability Pact Gender Task Force;
  • training of journalists, students of Journalism and Public Relations and NGO activists (for more informatin look at Projects)
  • documentaries and broadcasts in partnership with the Bulgarian National TV, TV Europe and the Bulgarian National Radio. Participation in TV festivals and public events, and submission of thematic video spots for training purpose. (for more information, please see Publications)

Future activity priorities - financing is looked for:

  • Elaboration of national communication strategy to promote gender equality idea;


    • identification of difficulties and stereotypes in media coverage of gender issues;
    • study of mechanisms and strategic communications used for making images of both sexes;
    • analysis and appraisal of the Bulgarian media role and place in the process of reaching gender democracy;
    • elaboration of Plan for action to cooperate with media and good formulation of media messages.

    For contacts:Bistra Boneva, program manager