A ROUNDTABLE for final reporting of the results of the NATIONAL CAMPAIGN entitled "Participation of Roma women in public and political life - central and local government" was held on 30th June 2006 in Desislava Hall of Hotel Bulgaria.

The National Campaign is part of the Regional project "Roma Women Can Do It - II" funded by Stability Pact Gender Task Force.
41 persons - 27 women and 14 men took part in the Roundtable.

Among them were representatives of Direction "Ethnic and Demographic Issues" with the Council of Ministers; the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, the Ministry of Culture, Sofia Municipality, the Roma Party "Evroroma", the Roma confederation "Evropa", Plovdiv International Fair /Roma World exhibition/, 7 Roma NGOs from the country, leading Roma NGOs from Sofia, media /Bulgarian National TV, Bulgarian National Radio - Horizont, the newspapers "24 Chasa" and "Novinar"/ and Roma students.

The project facilitators Ms Antoaneta Parusheva and Ms Liliana Kovacheva made presentations about the Public Debates which were held in 5 towns: Lom, Plovdiv, Shumen, Blagoevgrad and Kustendil. The media coordinator Ms Boriana Ivanova made a commentary on the media coverage of the Campaign, the interviews and the participation of the project team in live radio and TV programmes.

Particular emphasis was put on the general conclusions ensuing from the Debates and the lessons learned and suggestions made for future actions aimed at Roma women's problems.
At the end of the Roundtable, a DECLARATION for uniting the efforts in order to affirm Roma women in Bulgarian public and political life was signed.
The Declaration is open for state institutions, political parties, media and NGOs who are willing to join in future activities on the issue.



For more information, please see: - The Power Point presentation of the Campaign results and the Declaration signed:

Kalinka Slivkova - Project coordinator