At October 12th 2016, GPF’s team (Stanimira Hadgimitova and Violeta Ivanova) held the 4th Awareness Raising Event in Plovdiv. Representatives of the local autorities, SME and the civil society sector  attended the event. This event was visited by media representatives (5) which supported the afterwards wide media coverage.

Stanimira Hadjimitova, in her presentation pointed out that GPG is between 14 and 35 % in favor of mens’  wages. It gets worse when we discuss pensions where the difference is already 40% which speaks for feminization of poverty.

According to Violeta Ivanova, Trade Union Expert to the project, there are already sectors  in Bulgaria dominated by women and the wages there are relatively lower, especially of social services, medical care, apparel industry, education.  Even in the financial sector, many women are at lower positions. It is necessary to take a number of steps towards equalisation of wages between men and women for the work of same value. According to her the reconciliation of work and family life is one of the most important - a factor of higher importance, especially for mothers with young or dependent children. Measures are needed also towards career development, evaluation and structure of the women’s wages.

The event had its good media coverage