On November 14th 2016 GPF’s team organized Equal Pay Day with representatives of the light industries from the whole country. 68 people attended the event (18 men and 50 women). Each of the participants received a leaflet and a branded shopping bag.

Mrs. Stanimira Hadjimitova congratulated Mrs.Tzvetelina Milchalieva for her election as a Chairman of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Light Industry. A lady has been selected for the first time to lead the organization.

Chairman, Mrs. Valentina Kacarska great success!

November 22, 2016 at Hall 8, National palace of culture, GPF together with partners celebrated Equal Pay Day. 159 people attended the event (14 men and 148 women) – representatives of both trade unions (CITUB and Podkrepa), ministries, teachers and school managers from Sofia and the region, employers, NGOs, employers’ organization. The events was actively supported by the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB). The Vice President of CITUB, Mr. Chavdar Hristov, expressed trade unions’ position on gender equality issue. Mr. Hristov emphasis on the importance of collective bargaining as a way to reduce the gender pay gap. Mrs. Ekaterina Yordanova, chairman of the Trade Unions of Transport Workers pointed on the fact that gender equality is a basic human right. Mrs. Ivanova, project researcher presented the methodology, organization and research results. Representatives from 29 SMEs from the whole country have been interviewed. She concluded legislation is not enough and multilateral approach would be better to promote awareness about the benefits of the measures implemented to ensure that tackling of GPG.

Mrs. Ivanova also mentioned the importance of gender stereotypes and traditional roles that in many cases have appeared as obstacles in revealing of women potential at the labor market. Mrs. Hadjimitova, who was leading the event announced the start of the “Company” with zero GPG”  intiative before Diana Georgieva from GPF to show how web based GPG instrument can be used from both employee and employer. Representatives from Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Trade Unions of Teachers and Roma Union expressed their views in a short discussion. Everyone agreed on the fact that only mutual actions of NGOs, trade unions, science and institutions will lead to a reduction of GPG.