“Equality in Bulgaria de jure and de facto” conference, organized by GPF in Sofia practically gave a start of the public debate over a draft law on gender equality. More than 80 representatives of main stakeholders (public administration, NGO, trade unions, media, political parties, and employers’ organizations) attended the event.

Key speakers of the conference were Mrs Svetlana Angelova, Vice Chairman of the Committee on Labor, Social Affairs and Demographic Policy at National Assembly, Mr Lazar Lazarov, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Mr Chavdar Christov, Vice President of Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria (KNSB), Mrs Zoya Slavova, Head of “Analysis and Risk Management” Department at National Social Security Institute, Mrs Genoveva Tisheva , Managing Director of Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation, Mrs Stanimira Hadgimitova, Founder and Director of Gender Project in Bulgaria Foundation and Mrs Nadegda Dermendgieva, “Bulgarian Fund for Women” Foundation Director.


Vice President Lazarov made a short review of gender equality legislation and drew attention on the importance of common efforts and participation of different organizations, members of National Council of Gender Equality. Mr Hristov expressed support for the law adoption. Mrs Tisheva emphasized on the NGO role in the process. Vice President of KNSB shortly described the directions of their activities. Mrs Stanimira Hadgimitova pointed out the development of theory and practice of equality issues and the change of NGO roles from “lonely runners” to partners with their expertise and experience.

Mrs Hadgimitova presented “Zero GPG – Gender equality: Innovative tool and awareness raising on GPG” project, in which managed by her foundation is a partner, as a logical sequel in GPF activities all those 20 years.